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"As a teenager I clearly remember mornings when I was getting ready for school when
 would -just still me- and 
I would lean forward and peer very intensely into the eyes of the girl in that mirror. 
who is that? I didn't know .
 I looked into those eyes as if they had the answer to who I am 
or who I could be. 
So I would search the depths of those green and blue flecked eyes. 
Calmly searching the eyes of this stranger
 as if I thought that if I looked deep enough, 
or long enough, I would find the answer to why I was even here. 
I didn't know what I know now. 
That I could only find out my  true identity, 
who I was 
when I stopped 
looking into my own eyes 
and instead searched in the eyes of Jesus. 
Only He could REALLY tell me who I am. 
Who I can be. Who I will be..." 
— Laura A. Diaz

Jesse Hernandez
6/23/2011 02:56:39 pm

Jesse Hernandez
6/23/2011 03:02:26 pm

That was awesome. I really enjoyed reading Eyes of a stranger. You really have skills and talent. I hope 2 read more in the future.

Larkin West
7/1/2011 05:39:24 pm

This one kind of gave me goose bumps! How do you DO that?!


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