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Welcome!  Come on in, I’m glad you’ve come! Yes, you! 

No. Not you. You can leave.

I’m talking you.

Relax.  Take a load off. I’ll only take a bit of your time.

Oh yes!  This is worth your time I assure you.

What I’m going to show you is…..well… I guess you could call it sort of a documentary.

What’s it about?

Well, I’m getting there. I’m glad you asked though.  It shows you’re interested.

All right!

Recently, we have been able to get our hands on some unbelievable technology. 


It’s not a cell phone.

Not another I-Pad either.

What we have found is device that allows us to get inside the head of your average teenage girl.

Okay.  That’s kind of rude.  Why are you laughing?

All right.   I see your point.  Maybe I did say that in a “comical” way.

I guess.

Let’s keep going before we run out of time, shall we?

Haven’t you ever wondered what makes a teenage girl make the choices she does?  Why, it sometimes seems as if she flies off the handle at odd quirky moments, seemingly for no apparent reason?

With the use of this technology we have been  given some amazing insight!  What we have discovered is that the average teenage girl hears a multitude of voices in her head.  All day, everyday.

Okay.  Why are you laughing now?

Okay.  Okay, yeah.  I suppose that could be considered amusing also.

Listen!  You have to pull yourself together!

I’m sorry. 

I didn’t mean to raise my voice.  Please sit back down. Please.  This is very important.  What we have discovered could be considered life changing.  And we really don’t have that much time.

What kinds of voices?  I was getting to that.

What we have have done is attempted to identify the voices and perhaps assess and classify the positive or negative influence on the girls psyche.  Or basically,her “self-identity.  
We have identified a mother type voice. 
 It was hard to classify at first because it sounds nothing like the mother.  Almost.  We believe that the mother voice is just repeating what has been filed away from actual conversations she has had with her mother.  However, the tone, and nasal quality do not match the mother’s and sometimes the words are quite skewed from what the mother actually said. 
 We think, and understand this is still just conjecture at this moment in time, that this is how and what the daughter perceives the mother to have said. Or it is what she has understood when she heard something her mother said. 

 Again.  Perception.

But that is not the only voice. No,  We have also heard a father-type voice.  
A voice that we can only label a “mean girl” voice. You know what I’m talking about?

No, I have not spoken with a “mean girl” per se’.
 Let’s just say the tone and inflection is similar to the girl in that “Mean girl” movie.  You know the one? 
 Alright then!
 I can’t go through them all but if you’ll take a look at the portfolio in front of you, you will find a list of what we have been able to identify.

Yes, that’s right.  That one we have labeled as “advertisement- voice-over” because that is really and truly what it sounds like. 

Does she have a voice?

Excellent question! The simple answer is: so far as we can tell, she has not found her own “voice” yet.    We sometimes hear a voice using the first person- but- from what we have assessed so far, it is not her voice. Which is the heart of this research.  She has no true “self-identity.” If she does have her own “voice” it is definitely being drowned out by the multitude of other voices.

What?  Oh! Yes! I thought I’d covered that.

If you’ll flip to the next page we’ve explained it in detail, but your question asking just what these voices are telling her is right-on-spot!  It varies.  On that page you’ll find a few phrases that seem to be repeated over, and over, and over, and over.

I’m not trying to be annoying.  I’m sorry.  When you hear that particular voice you’ll understand. In fact-don’t get me wrong- I’d don’t want to sound unprofessional, but if this particular voice had a body?  I think I’d want to slap it.

Mostly, what the voices do is tell her: What to do. What not to do. Where to go. Where not to go. What she can do. What she can’t do.  Who she was.  Who she is. And who she can be.


Ye,yes,yes.  I’m. sorry. So so sorry.  Again, I did not mean to raise my voice. It’s just that…well… when you’ve watched the footage you’ll understand why I’m so passionate about this. 

At least I thinkyou will.

I desperately hope you will.

Jimmy?  Can you get the lights back there and flip the switch for the voice recovery device?



~ to be continued~
~this short is still in progress~

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